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    Enhance your digital presence with our 'Featured Package' — a curated selection of 12 premium templates, designed for versatility and impact. Choose the 'DIY Option' to gain full access to these exclusive templates, allowing you to craft personalized posts directly in Canva Pro.

    Or, opt for the 'We Do It' version: not only will you receive all 12 templates, but our team will also expertly design 24 custom posts (12 square and 12 vertical) for you, complete with AI-generated captions.


        THE SPARK

        We know Spark Motions Templates and Posts will transform the way your social looks and feels, but for some reason, if you do not end up feeling the same way the first time you use Spark, we'll process you a full return.



        An image of John who has given the testimonial below.
        When I first saw these Spark Templates, I was blown away by their stunning design. However, I couldn't shake off the feeling that they would be difficult to use. To my surprise, they were incredibly user-friendly. I've used them for my clients' projects, and the feedback has been phenomenal. They truly stand out compared to the standard Canva templates, both in ease of use and visual appeal. I wholeheartedly recommend these Spark Templates for anyone looking to elevate their content with minimal effort.



        An image of Paul who has given the testimonial below.
        I felt a bit stuck with my social media stuff, not really getting the reach beyond a certain point. Wasn't too sure about using some outside Canva templates – thought they'd be a bit of a hassle. But hey, these Spark Motions templates? Super easy, even more so than the usual Canva stuff. Just threw up a few posts with them and, wow, definitely seeing more reach and views. Big thumbs up, 5 stars to Spark Motions for making things simple and cool!



        An image of Lucy who has given the testimonial below.
        We were recommended to them by colleagues and right from the start it felt like we were partners with them. We are absolutely delighted with the final results.
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