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Animated Explainers vs Traditional Videos

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

A butterfly fluttering its wings - Animated Explainers vs Traditional Videos

Video has been dominating social media and the digital world for almost a decade now. The costs of making a video have been going down, as now you can just grab your phone and create a video in less than half an hour. But with this has come an oversaturation of video content on different online platforms. And this has led to a resurgence of animated videos, much like how GIFs were popular in the early 2000s, died down by 2010, and resurfaced big again in the late 2010s.

Let's have a look at some points of comparison between traditional and animated explainer videos-

1. Creativity 2.0

The first and perhaps the most notable benefit of animated explainer videos is the freedom from the laws of physics. Unlike traditional videos, animations allow us to break real-world barriers. One of the biggest advantages of using animated explainers is for ideas that are somewhat abstract. The flexibility of animation makes it a lot easier to explain such concepts effectively, making it easier for the viewers to grasp them.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

High-quality traditional video production has a lot of moving parts- location, actors, lights, sound, etc. which all cost a lot of money if it needs to be done properly. Compared to that an animated explainer requires a good script/storyboard designer, an animator, and where applicable, a voiceover artist. Moreover, if we want to make any changes to the content of the explainer video at a later stage, it is much easier to do that in an animated explainer than a traditional one.

3. Branding Consistency

Have you ever seen a billboard and recognised which company is it for without even reading it? That's the magic of branding. An animated explainer video can make use of your branding much more effectively than a traditional video. All the shapes and icons that constitute an animated explainer can very closely align with your branding guidelines, so as to make the video over a minute-long 'billboard' experience for your brand.

4. Accessibility & Versatility

Animated Explainers are inherently accessible and versatile. You make it as visually accessible as it needs to be by replacing colours and brightness. You can even adapt an animated explainer to multiple languages by simply replacing the voiceover. Moreover as mentioned earlier as well, you can at any point make minor narrative changes to an animated explainer unlike a traditional video where you'll have to set up the shoot again!

5. Viewer Engagement

Animated videos have proven to hold viewers longer than traditional videos. The reason is that they're fun to watch and packs information more densely than a traditional video. With bright colours and graphic text, viewers are also more likely to retain the information they absorb.

At Spark Motions we create impactful animated explainer videos with fast turnarounds and transparent pricing. If you're thinking of explaining your product or service better, do consider an animated explainer, and while you're on it, you can drop us a quick message as well!


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